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Hot Burrito #1(I'm Your Toy)

Posted on November 8, 2011 with 0 comments
I don't know the precise year that I found a strange looking lp among my brothers' records entitled The Gilded Palace Of Sin, by some guys calling themselves The Flying Burrito Brothers. They were sporting wild, flashy suits(I would later learn that they were Nudie suits). They were accompanied by beautiful women(I would later learn that they were models hired for a psychedelics-fueled photo session in the desert). There was a guy I recognized from the Byrds lps named Chris Hillman, a dude named Sneaky Pete(r.i.p.), and a really handsome cat named Gram Parsons.

It would be years before I actually listened to the record, and it would take a few more for me to really appreciate the force of nature that was Gram Parsons. In light of how pervasive his influence is today it's hard to fathom that he was relatively unknown at the time of his death.

I've loved this song for so long, and never tire of singing it. What say you check out my version on YouTube(gerrymckevenymusic), then find a copy of the original. Don't worry, I know which version is better!

Peace, Love and Understanding,