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Everybody's Been Burned

Posted on November 14, 2011 with 0 comments
In the fall of 1974 my eldest brother returned from the Navy with his record collection in tow. Over the next couple of years I delved deeply into the Beatles, Beach Boys and Byrds lps-as well as other cool stuff such as Moby Grape, Charles Lloyd and Herbie Hancock. I would spend hours learning guitar parts, playing and replaying songs incessantly in order to sing along with the various harmony parts, reading liner notes to see who wrote what song and who the producer was, etc.

The Byrds Younger Than Yesterday lp was and still is one of my favorites. Musicians of all ages would profit greatly from seeing what could been done within the limits of analog recording-with no digital editing, no auto-tune-by people who could write, play and sing. Of all the great songs on the album I've chosen to cover David Crosby's "Everybody's Been Burned". I've never understood why the song is so overlooked in the Byrds' cannon. The original recording is a marvel, featuring an interesting chord progression, a pristine vocal from Crosby, a lyrical 12-string solo from McGuinn, and-best of all-an extraordinarily fluid bass track from Chris Hillman.

I do my best here. You should check out what those guys did 44 years ago.